Three Days in Nashville

Sure, Nashville is home, but it’s rare that the hubs and I get to have a staycation-style adventure in our city. That’s exactly what we did this week with three days to enjoy our favorite things in Nashville and check out some new things, too. Here were the highlights:

  • Sunday brunch at Tavern: An old favorite for us, this is hands-down our favorite place for brunch. I love all of the salads and the wood grilled artichoke. Scott swears the Tavern Burger is the best in town. We both agree that their sangria is the best anywhere. It’s a delicious red topped off with Poema Cava. Yum.
  • A stop by Emil Erwin‘s shop: I got to know Emil and his wife several years ago when we collaborated on an event for one of my clients. Emil’s leather goods are incredible. Truly. Garden & Gun agrees with me. And the best part — Emil and his wife are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m sporting one of their leather bracelets with pride and trying to be REALLY good so Santa might bring me a bag (Libby or Claire, please) for Christmas.
  • Lunch at Germantown CafeDelicious and reasonable, this is one of my favorite places for a weekday lunch. This Monday visit was extra fun because I wasn’t in a hurry to get back to the office. Plus, Scott was with me. I had my favorite, Germantown’s signature french onion soup with a kale side salad. Scott is still talking about his Brie LT. Yup, that’s right. Brie, bacon and friend green tomatoes.

10 days of rest and a return to writing

It’s been fourteen months since I’ve last written here. I wish I could say that I didn’t have anything to motivate me to pick up my proverbial pen, but that wouldn’t be true.

Crafts have been completed, books read, recipes tried, trips taken, music heard, work enjoyed. And not-so-pleasant things have happened, too. The loss of my precious father, a larger-than-life presence in our family, has left me feeling more empty and sad than I’d like to admit.

Needless to say, any number of things could have been a blog post. I chose to not write.

But, there’s nothing like ten days by the ocean to clear the cobwebs from the back corners of your mind. It’s been a perfect time of reading, resting, reflecting, praying, walking, sleeping and spending quiet time talking with my husband and sweet mom, who joined us for a few days.

Just under 24 hours are left in this little beach adventure. And, as usual, I’m headed home with a list of goals….

– Be healthier (eat better, sleep more, exercise more).
– Do nothing more often.
– Read more.
– Pray more.
– Write more.
– Come to the beach more.

More to come soon on my latest adventures and new 30A favorites….







I’m a lucky girl

Five years ago, I committed my life to this handsome guy. I promised before God, family and friends that he was it for me.

I was happy. I was terrified. I hated the idea of standing in front of all of those people. I was worried I didn’t have what it would take to be a good wife.

It all faded to the background the minute the doors opened at the back of the church and I saw Scott standing at the altar.

I don’t remember all the details of the service, but I do remember that Scott held my hands tightly the entire time.

In the five years since, he’s suffered through countless not-so-great meals, withstood 1,825 nights of my cover-stealing ways, and dealt with my less-than-perfect self. And he has never once been anything but the great, kind guy I gave my heart away to as a college freshman.

So Scott, if you actually happen to visit my blog, thanks for being the best decision I’ve ever made.

To my readers, yes – I know this is sappy. But, it’s a special occasion!