Ireland 2015, Day 8: Adare

Adare is a tiny little town that looks like it was plucked out of a fairy tale. It’s friendly and even a little bit fancy. I can’t think of another village in Ireland where one can by a Missoni bathrobe or DVF dress.  

   We love it because of the beautiful thatched cottages and cozy pubs. We rolled into town early Sunday morning looking forward to a day of relaxing. We were just in time to get a cup of coffee at The Good Room. The patio was perfect and sunny. 

We spent the rest of the day browsing around the shops while Scott watched football in the pubs. We had lunch at our beloved Pat Collins and watched the Arsenal game at Aunty Lena’s. 

Mom got the prettiest dress. It’s Italian and fits her perfectly. She’s calling it her Irish Italian dress. 

We had an early dinner at the Dunraven Arms before checking in to Berkeley Lodge B&B, another Adare favorite. Really good day.




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