Ireland 2015, Day 6: Westport

I love sleeping late. Love it. Even in Ireand. We didn’t even go down for breakfast until nearly 9 and then spent time walking through the shops in Donegal. 

Before heading out of town we stopped for a latte at a wee tea room. Caffeine wasn’t our only coffee shop priority. We needed wifi to get in touch with our fabulous friends at the Adelphi again. Nicola was very kind to have a shirt and jacket we left sent ahead to Dingle for us. 

We’re all feeling very relaxed despite covering a lot of ground working our way from Dublin, up the east coast, through the North and Northwest in just six days. I certainly have developed a love for the north. Antrim is stunning and Donegal is remote and wild. There were long sections that were trickier than normal to navigate as the signs were only in Gaelic. 

Tonight we’ve landed in Westport, Co. Mayo. I’m writing from the back room of Matt Molloy’s pub in the center of town. Molloy is the flutist for the Chieftans and every guide book (and our B&B keeper) said this is the place to be for trad (traditional) music. It shouldn’t start for an hour or so and we’re resting and hiding from the rain. 

       A few other highlights:

  • Lovely drive though Mullaghmore’s country side. My history-loving husband was enamored by a castle on a hill. Turns out it was most recently the home of the ill-fated Lord Mountbatten. Stunning from a distance, but still closed to the public.
  • Sligo! Busy city, home of Yeats. We just did a drive through.
  • Tubbercurry for lunch at a small, lovely hotel.
  • Foxford Woolen Mills shop in Foxford.
  • Exploring Westport! 
  • Talking to a local jeweler about the Claddagh ring Scott bought me in Connemara several years ago. Turns out that it is very rare because the center heart is carved from Connemara marble, which I did not know is rather difficult to do.
  • Dinner with the family at Wyatt’s Hotel. Delish.
  • Checking in to our B&B, Willow Lodge, which is fantastic. More on that tomorrow.




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